Meet Don Goldberg, Again.

Born and raised in Suffolk, Don is pretty well known among other lifelong residents.

For newer friends, as well as those who already know Don, here’s why he is uniquely qualified to represent you on City Council.

Coach Goldberg

Don’s many years as head basketball and track coach in Suffolk taught him to be humble in victory and courageous when facing big challenges. He keeps in touch with his former players who all call him by the same name: “Coach.”

Job Creator

 A longtime Director of Economic Development for the City of Chesapeake and now a senior executive with Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate, Don understands that schools underscore our quality of life and play a critical role in attracting and maintaining businesses and the jobs they bring. Don believes we can do better and fund our schools at a higher level.

Husband and Father

Don and his wife Kay have raised two daughters in his hometown, and he understands what matters to parents and families in Suffolk.